Attendance Tracking for In Person Events

For In Person or Hybrid events, select your method for tracking participant attendance, from the option menu. There are three possible options for tracking attendance, which offer different features and affect the attendee experience in different ways.

Attendee Self-Select

Select this option for a multi session events, if you'd like attendees to indicate which sessions they attended themselves on their Attendee Dashboards. If Attendee Self-Select is enabled, after a session has taken place, an attendee will be able to click the green I Attended this Session button next to the session they attended on the Attendee Dashboard. This will allow the attendee to be able to complete the session evaluation and accrue the CE credits associated with that session.

Note: this attendance tracking method is only available for multi session events. 

💡  If this option is selected the I Attended this Session button will not become available until after the session is over, which prevents attendees from indicating they attended the session and completing the evaluation before the session has taken place. Attendees will also be prevented from indicating that they attended two sessions that take place at the time. 

💡  It is recommended to keep a sign in sheet or other other attendance tracking mechanism to use as an auditing tool if Attendee Self-Select is enabled.

Manual Tracking

If Manual Tracking is selected, the Session Evaluations will only become available on the Attendee Dashboard if the event organizer has indicated an attendee has "passed" that session manually from the Attendees menu. For help manually updating session status see Manually Uploading Attendance and Updating Attendee Status.

💡 If you are using Manual Tracking, make sure to let attendees know there will be a delay in their ability to download their certificates on the Attendee Dashboard, as they will need to wait for you to update attendance records before being able to complete their Session Evaluations. Session evaluations must be completed before downloading a certificate.


If Scanning is selected, organizers are able to assign a volunteer to scan attendees in and out of each session. For more information on using the scanning feature see Sign In/Out.

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