Email Sequences

Email Sequences

Email Sequences are automated emails triggered by different actions, such as an attendee registering, the beginning of an event, or after an event finishes. Email Sequences are an important tool to provide information to your attendees about their event. 

Add an Email Sequence on the Email Sequences tab by clicking the + Create New Mail button listed under the corresponding sequence option.

💡 The types of Email Sequences available for your event may vary depending upon whether the event is a single session or multi-session/conference event, in person or virtual, and whether or not an attendance threshold has been set for any virtual sessions. 

  • After Registration Email Sequences are triggered when an attendee registers. Use this Email Sequence to create a confirmation email to attendees who have just registered. 
  • Prior to Event Start Date Email Sequences are triggered according to the start date and time of your event's first session. Use this Email Sequence to send your attendees reminders about their upcoming event.
  • After Event Email Sequences offer a way to follow up with event attendees. Use this Email Sequence to direct attendees post event back to their Attendee Dashboards to complete evaluations and download their CE Certificates, or communicate other important post event information.  After Event Email Sequences can only be triggered after the event ends by clicking the Start Sequence button.

To create an email, click the + Create New Mail button to add an email to a sequence. Customize your email by adding or editing the name of the email, the subject line of the email, and the body of the email. You can additionally customize the email by including the recipient's Attendee Dashboard link and adding attachments. If your event has different Tickets available, you can also customizing the recipient of the email based on their Ticket. For more information on Tickets, see Payments. Use the Preview button to view how your email will appear to recipients and click Save before exiting the window.

💡 Use the Available Code Snippets to include your event title or date in the body of your email. If you change the title or date of your event, those changes will automatically be updated in your emails if you have used the code snippets.

💡 Check the Save as Template box to add the customized email to your templates for use with future events.

💡  By default, all single session virtual events will include the attendees personalized Zoom link to join their session. Conferences or multi-session virtual events will include access to the Attendee Dashboard, where attendees can access all of the links associated with the various sessions. See The Attendee Experience for more information.

💡 After Session and After Event Email Sequences are manually triggered by clicking the blue Start Sequence button, after the event is over and attendance has been calculated.

Scheduled Emails

Scheduled Emails allow you to select a specific date and time to send an email. Click the + Create New Mail button under Schedule Emails to add a Scheduled Email.

💡  Since Email Sequences are usually based off events start time or after completion, Scheduled Emails are a good option for sending email reminders in between sessions or on the days of training.Add a message name, the email subject and body of the email. You can also customize Scheduled Emails to include the Attendee Dashboard or Attachments. If your event has different Tickets available, you can also customizing the recipient of the email based on their Ticket. In the When to Send field, enter the date and time you'd like the email to be sent, click Apply and then Save.

Custom Branding

Under Custom Branding, you can add a logo and select colors for all of your emails. Click Choose and Image and follow the prompts to add an image, the click Save. To change background color for your email header or your email content, click the color box and select the desired color, then click Save Colors.

💡  You can add a logo and select colors to be included by default for every event in your CE-Go account under Global Email Templates. See Email Templates for more information.

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