Dashboard Customization

The Dashboard Customization tab offers several ways to customize your event's Attendee Dashboard.


The Messages subtab allows you to customize the default messages displayed to an attendee prior to the event starting, while the event is in progress, and after an attendee has completed all their evaluations. 

šŸ’”The default messages displayed are useful guides for attendees on how to navigate the Attendee Dashboard. In most cases, these messages do not need to be customized.


The Notification subtab allows you to create a custom message you would like to be displayed on the top of the Attendee Dashboard for all attendees. Notification is for important messages to the attendees and will be displayed at any time

First, detail what Type of notification you are posting:

  • Info
  • Success
  • Warning 
  • Danger

and notification Status, which allows you to activate or remove notifications quickly: 

  • Active
  • Inactive

Preview what your message will look like to the attendees at the bottom.

Click Save when done. 


The Logo subtab allows you to display your organization or event logo on the Attendee Dashboard. Click Choose an Image and follow the prompts to add your logo.

The selected logo will replace the CE-Go logo in the upper left hand corner of the Attendee Dashboard:

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