Submitting Proposals

Event Organizers use CE-Go's Call for Presentations feature to solicit proposals from prospective presenters. When submitting through this system, you'll need to create a Member Account and follow the prompts to submit your proposal.

Creating an Account

Clicking on a Call for Presentations link will direct you to first create an account or log into your Member Account.

For new accounts, you'll receive a verification email with a prompt to set verify your email address and complete your account setup.

Clicking the Verify Email Address link will log you into your Member Account on your My Presentations menu. 

Adding a New Submission

In your Member Account, click Add New Submission to begin entering your proposal details. If required, enter your Membership ID, then your Basic Details including your name, email address, phone number, a bio about your career and qualifications, a profile picture, and your CV. If needed, include the name and email address of any Co-Presenters. 

Click Next & Save, then continue on to enter your Submission Info. Include the title, details about your presentation under Abstract, your estimated content complexity level, the estimated it will take to present live, an Agenda including break(s) and lastly, your Learning Objectives and References. Please follow the listed guidelines for your Learning Objectives and References, these are very important for CE approval! Click Next & Save, then continue on to complete any additional forms. When all additional forms are completed, click Save & Finish.

In your Member Account, you will now see your presentation status as Submitted.

Submissions don't need to be completed all in one sitting. You can come back and finish additional details at a later time. If a Submission is not yet submitted, that status will be "In Progress."


Co-Presenters are added to the submission by the Primary Presenter.

Once added to the Submission, Co-presenters will receive an email prompting them to create an account and log in to complete any outstanding tasks associated with the Submission.

On the My Presentations menu, Co-Presenters will see the submissions they are associated with, and submissions which have outstanding tasks for the Co-Presenter to complete.

 Co-Presenters should click on the Submission to add their Basic Details and complete any additional forms. Co-presenters cannot alter or amend any Submission Info fields.

Editing a Submission

After a proposal is submitted, no more edits can be made to the Submission. If you wish to edit the Submission, you will need to withdraw the Submission and resubmit it.

Only the primary presenter can withdraw the Submission. To Withdraw the Submission, click on the title of the Submission, then Withdraw Submission

Once withdrawn, the primary presenter can edit it's Basic Details, Submission Info, and additional forms.

For all Co-presenters, the Submission status will show as In Progress. Co-Presenters will be able to edit any of their Basic Details and/or additional forms. Once the primary presenter re-submits the proposal, the status will show as Submitted once again for all presenters.

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